Will Gorman’s Model Thesis

With only a few days left with the Webber Energy Group, senior undergrad Will Gorman won a prestigious award for his Plan II thesis.  The selection committee selected his thesis titled, “Re-Evaluating the Energy Efficiency Gap in Austin: How the Principal-Agent Problem Affects the Adoption of Efficient Technologies” as one of the Plan II Model Theses for the Class of 2014.

Plan II Associate Director and Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Alexandra Wettlaufer, wrote, “I found your work to be an outstanding example of true scholarship that is both intellectually compelling and beautifully conceived; it was, moreover, masterfully written and a pleasure to read.” Gorman’s passion and originality shine through his research, which will be honored publicly at the Plan II Commencement Ceremony on 17 May.

After graduation, Gorman will join the Brattle Group, an economic consulting firm, as a research analyst in their utilities and energy division.  Congratulations to Will Gorman on his many undergraduate achievements and every best wish for post-UT endeavors.

Gorman’s Plan II Thesis is available in full through this link and through the publications database of the Webber Energy Group.  His fellow awardees and their thesis titles can be seen through the Plan II website.