Energy-Water Nexus

shutterstock_115056874-mediumEnergy and Water, both vital resources for modern life, depend on one another. Water is needed to generate energy, and energy is needed to treat and transport water.  WEG research analyzes this relationship from both directions and its implications for society, including:

  • Integrating Energy, Air Quality & Water For Dispatching
  • Pecan Street, Inc.: Smart Grid, Gas, and Water
  • Energy Recovery from WWTPs
  • Water Conservation and Reuse
  • Water LCAs for Biofuels and Renewable Technologies
  • Water for Fuels Production
  • Energy Needs of the Water System (With temporal and qualitative fidelity)
  • Dry-cooling To Spare Water Rights In TX
  • Incorporating Water Into Grid Planning
  • Water Treatment and Pumping As Dispatchable Load
  • Commercial Water Footprinting for the IT Sector
  • Integrating Renewables (Wind & Solar) with Desalination
  • Energy Industry’s Needs as a Driver for Water Markets
  • Modeling Water in Maui As a Tool for Achieving Sustainability
  • The Water Wedge: An Engineering Analysis of the Carbon Mitigation Potential of Direct and Indirect Changes to the U.S. Water System
  • Energy and Water in the Western and Texas Interconnects
  • Energy Use and Opportunities in the Wastewater Treatment Sector

Webber Energy Group Publications on the Energy-Water Nexus are also available.