Are solar and wind really killing coal, nuclear and grid reliability?

J.D. Rhodes, M.E. Webber, T.A. Deetjen, F.T. Davidson, May 2017 (Citation)


So, are wind and solar killing coal and nuclear? Yes, but not by themselves and not for the reasons most people think. Are wind and solar killing grid reliability? No, not where the grid’s technology and regulations have been modernized. In those places, overall grid operation has improved, not worsened.

To understand why, we need to trace the path of electrons from the wall socket back to power generators and the markets and policies that dictate that flow. As energy scholars based in Texas – the national leader in wind – we’ve seen these dynamics play out over the past decade, including when Perry was governor.


J.D. Rhodes, M.E. Webber, T.A. Deetjen, and T. Davidson. “Are Solar and Wind Really Killing Coal, Nuclear and Grid Reliability?” The Conversation. May 2017.