Shale Boom Could Fuel Batteries

Y.R. Glazer, Jamie J. Lee, F.T. Davidson, M.E. Webber, April 2017 (Citation)


Petroleum-based fuels like gasoline and diesel have dominated the transportation sector for the last century — and they still do. However, policymakers and technocrats are looking toward electric vehicles (EV) to move away from gasoline and diesel. With the support of favorable policies and consumer preferences, EVs, led by Tesla’s lineup, are taking off. Already, more than a half million EVs are on the roads in the U.S. and more than a million are on roads worldwide. Dropping internal combustion engines in favor of EVs would seemingly be at odds with the idea of increasing domestic oil and gas production, but the trends come together synergistically in ways that are surprising.


Glazer Y.R., Lee J.J., Davidson F.T., Webber M.E. “Shale Boom Could Fuel Batteries.” Earth Magazine. April 1, 2017.