: Reports

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Residue-Derived Solid Re- covered Fuel for Use in Cement Kilns Fyffe

J.R. Fyffe, A.C. Breckel, A.K. Townsend, and M.E. Webber

20120701 2012
Symposium on Sustainable Design Greening the Technology Industry Telenko

C. Telenko, M. Nippert, C.C. Seepersad and M.E. Webber

20080301 2008  
Next Generation Biofuels – Trends In Global Innovation and Finance Broadfoot

A.R. Broadfoot, A.D. Cuellar, M.J. O’Donnell, C.H. Smith, and M.E. Webber

20071001 2007  
A Clean Energy Plan for Texas Webber

M.E. Webber, D.T. Allen, K. Ferland, C.W. King, G. McGaughey, S.J. Goldman and Y. Kimura

20080831 2008  
Review of ‘The Preliminary Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Hubs’ Garrison

JB. Garrison, C.R. Upshaw, and M.E. Webber

20100401 2010
Water Demand Projections for Power Generation in Texas King

C.W. King, I.J. Duncan and M.E. Webber

20080831 2008
Algae: Pond Powered Biofuels Wogan

D. Wogan, A.K. da Silva, M.E. Webber, and E. Stautberg

20081119 2008  
Energy Depletion Risks Task Force Report Duncan

R. Duncan, D. Baker, T. Browder, S. Campbell, S. Duval, L. Gilg, L. Graham, E. Mathews, S. McNally, J. Walls, M.E. Webber

20090515 2009
Power Generation for the 21st Century Lott

M.C. Lott, A.S. Stillwell, S.M. Cohen, C.W. King, M.E. Webber

20090520 2009  
Analysis of Innovative Feedstock Sources and Production Technologies for Renewable Fuels Murphy

C.F. Murphy, M.J. O’Donnell, E. McDonald-Buller, S. Strank, M.H-P. Liu, M.E. Webber, D.T. Allen, and R.E. Hebner

20101101 2010
Coherence between water and energy policies King

C.W. King, A.S. Stillwell, K.M. Twomey, and M.E. Webber

20101201 2010  
Clean Energy and Water: Assessment of Mexico for improved water services with renewable energy King

C.W. King, K.M. Twomey, A.S. Stillwell, and M.E. Webber

20111201 2011
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