: Energy Systems

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Thirst for Power: Energy, Water and Human Survival

Dr. Michael E. Webber

An Inventory and Engineering Assessment of Flared Gas and Liquid Waste Streams From Hydraulic Fracturing in the USA Glazer

Y.R. Glazer, F.T. Davidson, J.J. Lee, M.E. Webber

20171030 2017
Accounting for water formation from hydrocarbon fuel combustion in life cycle analyses Belmont

E.L. Belmont, F.T. Davidson, Y.R. Glazer, E.A. Beagle and M.E. Webber

The Rise of Electrofuels Davidson

F.T. Davidson, K. Nagasawa and M.E. Webber

20170901 2017
Multilayer Geospatial Analysis of Water Availability for Shale Resources Development in Mexico Galdeano

C. Galdeano, M.A. Cook, and M.E. Webber

20170802 2017
Why the Withering Nuclear Power Industry Threatens U.S. National Security Webber

M.E. Webber

20170801 2017
Building a Maginot Line for Energy? Webber

M.E. Webber

20170701 2017  
Quantifying demand flexibility based on structural thermal storage and comfort management of non-residential buildings: A comparison between hot and cold climate zones Hurtado

L.A. Hurtado, J.D. Rhodes, P.H. Nguyen, I.G. Kamphius, M.E. Webber

20170403 2017  
The Impacts of Storing Solar Energy in the Home to Reduce Reliance on the Utility Fares

R.L. Fares and M.E. Webber

20170130 2017
Predicting the Specific Energy Consumption of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Stillwell

A.S. Stillwell and M.E. Webber

20161216 2016  
How Dependable is the Traditional Grid? Webber

M.E. Webber

20161002 2016  
Modeling electric load and water consumption impacts from an integrated thermal energy and rainwater storage system for residential buildings in Texas Upshaw

C.R. Upshaw, J.D. Rhodes and M.E. Webber

20160307 2016
Residential energy retrofits in a cooling climate Rhodes

J.D. Rhodes, N-E. I. Bouhou, C.R. Upshaw, M.F. Blackhurst and M.E. Webber

20160603 2016
Solar PV integration cost variation due to array orientation and geographic location in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Deetjen

T.A. Deetjen, J.B. Garrison, J.D. Rhodes and M.E. Webber

20160812 2016
New Engineering Thinking for a New Climate Webber

M.E. Webber

20160601 2016  
Entropy and the Environment Webber

M.E. Webber

20151201 2015  
Evaluating the Energy and CO2 Emissions Impacts of Shifts in Residential Water Heating in the United States Sanders

K.T. Sanders and M.E. Webber

20150301 2015
Modeling Peak Load Reduction and Energy Consumption Enabled by an Integrated Thermal Energy and Water Storage System for Residential Air Conditioning Systems in Austin, Texas Upshaw

C.R. Upshaw, J.D. Rhodes and M.E. Webber

20150615 2015
A Techno-economic Plant- and Grid-Level Assessment of Flexible CO2 Capture Cohen

S.M. Cohen

20120803 2012
Impacts of Big Data on Optimal Residential Energy Consumption Prediction and Analysis Rhodes

J.D. Rhodes

20140404 2014  
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