: Water management

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Food, Fracking, and Freshwater: The Potential for Markets and Cross-Sectoral Investments to Enable Water Conservation Cook

M.A. Cook and M.E. Webber

20160130 2016  
Analytical methods and strategies for using the energy-water nexus to achieve cross-cutting efficiency gains Sanders

K.T. Sanders

20131004 2013
Mapping water availability, projected use and cost in the western United States Tidwell

V.C. Tidwell, B.D. Moreland, K.M. Zemlick, B.L. Roberts, H.D. Passell, D. Jensen, C. Forsgren, G. Sehlke, M.A. Cook, C.W. King and S. Larsen.

20140502 2014
Optimizing Rainwater, Gray Water, and AC Condensate Collection System Designs to Maximize Water and on-Peak Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings Upshaw

C.R. Upshaw, J.D. Rhodes and M.E. Webber

20150124 2015
The Impact of Water Use Fees on Dispatching and Water Requirements for Water-Cooled Power Plants in Texas Sanders

K.T. Sanders, M. Blackhurst , C.W. King and M.E. Webber

20140515 2014
Potential for Using Energy from Flared Gas for On-Site Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Treatment in Texas Glazer

Y.R. Glazer, J.B. Kjellsson, K.T. Sanders, and M.E. Webber

20140604 2014
What’s the World to do About Water? Webber

M.E. Webber

20140602 2014
Geographic, Technologic, And Economic Analysis of Using Reclaimed Water for Thermoelectric Power Plant Cooling Stillwell

A.S. Stillwell, M.E. Webber

20140313 2014
The Ocean Under Our Feet Webber

M.E. Webber

20140101 2014  
Maui’s Freshwater: Status, Allocation, and Management for Sustainability Grubert

E.A. Grubert

20100801 2010
Freshwater on the island of Maui : system interactions, supply, and demand Grubert

E.A. Grubert

20110501 2011
Coherence between water and energy policies King

C.W. King, A.S. Stillwell, K.M. Twomey, and M.E. Webber

20101201 2010  
Clean Energy and Water: Assessment of Mexico for improved water services with renewable energy King

C.W. King, K.M. Twomey, A.S. Stillwell, and M.E. Webber

20111201 2011
A Fool’s Look Into the Future Webber

M.E. Webber

20091204 2009
Time For Another Giant Leap For Mankind Kirshenbaum

S.R. Kirshenbaum and M.E. Webber

20120401 2012
Praying for rain not a water plan Strama

M. Strama and M.E. Webber

20120520 2012
Will Drought Cause the Next Blackout? Webber

M.E. Webber

20120723 2012
Desalination And Long-Haul Water Transfer as a Water Supply for Dallas, Texas: A Case Study Of The Energy-Water Nexus In Texas Stillwell

A.S. Stillwell, C.W. King, and M.E. Webber

20100901 2010
The Energy-Water Nexus in Texas Stillwell

A.S. Stillwell, C.W. King, M.E. Webber, I. J. Duncan and A. Hardberger

20110101 2011
Technical analysis of a river basin-based model of advanced power plant cooling technologies for mitigating water management challenges Stillwell

A.S. Stillwell, M.E. Clayton, and M.E. Webber

20110805 2011
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