: Bioenergy

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A comparative analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of wheat and beef in the United States Sanders

K.T. Sanders, M.E. Webber

20140424 2014  
An Integrated Resource and Biological Growth Model for Estimating Algal Biomass Production With Geographic Resolution Wogan

D. Wogan

20101201 2010
Barriers to a Biofuels Transition in the U.S. Liquid Fuels Sector O'Donnell

M.J. O’Donnell

20091201 2009
The Energy-Water Nexus: An Examination of the Water Quality Impacts of Biofuels Sanders

K.T. Sanders

20100501 2010
Freshwater on the island of Maui : system interactions, supply, and demand Grubert

E.A. Grubert

20110501 2011
Assessing the Viability of Compressed Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel for Light-Duty Vehicles in the United States Kennedy

C. Kennedy

20110801 2011
Constraints on algal biofuel production Beal

C.M. Beal

20110501 2011
Analysis of Innovative Feedstock Sources and Production Technologies for Renewable Fuels Murphy

C.F. Murphy, M.J. O’Donnell, E. McDonald-Buller, S. Strank, M.H-P. Liu, M.E. Webber, D.T. Allen, and R.E. Hebner

20101101 2010
Green Star State Webber

M.E. Webber

20090501 2009
Breaking the Energy Barrier Webber

M.E. Webber

20090918 2009
Biofuels: An Energy and Water Conundrum Sanders

K.M. Twomey, C.M. Beal, C.W. King, and M.E. Webber

20120301 2012
Cow Power: The Energy and Emissions Benefits of Converting Manure to Biogas Cuellar

A.D. Cuellar and M.E. Webber

20080724 2008
Water Intensity of Transportation King

C.W. King and M.E. Webber

20080924 2008
The Unintended Energy Impacts of Increased Nitrate Contamination from Biofuels Production Sanders

K.M. Twomey, A.S. Stillwell, and M.E. Webber

20091020 2009  
The Water Needs for LDV Transportation in the United States King

C.W. King, M.E. Webber and I. J. Duncan

20091205 2009
Lipid Analysis of Neochloris oleoabundans by Liquid State NMR Beal

C.M. Beal, M.E. Webber, R.S. Ruoff and R.E. Hebner

20100222 2010
Energy Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Plants in the United States: A Case Study of the Energy-Water Nexus Stillwell

A.S. Stillwell, D.C. Hoppock and M.E. Webber

20100405 2010
A Framework to Report the Production of Renewable Diesel from Algae Beal

C.M. Beal, C.H. Smith, M.E. Webber, R.S. Ruoff, and R.E. Hebner

20100812 2010
The Energy Return on Investment for Algal Biocrude: Results for a Research Production Facility Beal

C.M. Beal, R.E. Hebner, M.E. Webber, R.S. Ruoff, and F. Seibert

20110713 2011
Thermodynamic Analysis of Algal Biocrude Production Beal

C.M. Beal, R.E. Hebner, M.E. Webber

20120501 2012
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