Dr. Todd Davidson

  • Research Associate, Webber Energy Group
  • Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Prior to joining the Webber Energy Group, Dr. Todd Davidson was the CEO of nCarbon, Inc., a company focused on the commercialization of advanced supercapacitor electrodes. Todd started his career working for Raytheon where he helped to design, deploy, and manage four different missile defense product lines.

Todd’s current research is focused on a variety of topics at the confluence of energy breakthroughs, policy, and entrepreneurship. His most recent work includes improving water and flare management practices at oil and gas sites, analyzing emerging solutions for personal transportation, studying the energy impacts of food waste, characterizing the technical and economic performance of grid-scale energy storage systems and developing models to describe the integration of renewable energy resources with industrial processes.

In addition to his research with the Webber Energy Group, Todd works as a Research Associate with the Energy Institute, teaches fluid mechanics in the Mechanical Engineering Department, and guest lectures on entrepreneurship at UT Austin.

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