Brittany Speetles


Brittany Speetles is a fourth year mechanical engineering honors student. At Webber Energy Group, Brittany works with Andrew Reimers on projects involving desalination in Kuwait and China. Currently, she is helping to characterize power plants in Kuwait so that output and price optimization can be achieved.

Brittany hopes to pursue a graduate degree in the future, with a focus in renewable energy and sustainability. Specifically, she is interested in solar energy technology. She became interested in engineering in high school, and worked for Entergy’s gas power plant in Willis, TX after her junior year. As an undergraduate, Brittany has worked as an intern for Textron Aviation, and as a research assistant at the Function Optical Imaging Laboratory at UT. Additionally, she studied abroad in Cambridge, England during the summer of 2015. Outside of school, Brittany is involved with the Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) in Austin, and is a member of ICC’s Committee for Combatting Oppression. Her hobbies include yoga, biking, and tennis.

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