Brittany Speetles


Brittany has been involved in engineering research since her second year of engineering undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, when she received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship. She became interested in pursuing renewable energy and sustainability as she went through college and joined the Webber Energy Group after her third year. She has assisted other graduate students in the group with several projects, including a grid modeling project that used a unit commitment model to propose implementation of solar energy and reverse osmosis desalination in Kuwait, and a food project that compares the energy intensity of meal kits versus grocery shopping. Her senior design project involved drafting a design for a low-budget, efficient anaerobic digester that uses the biogas it produces to reheat itself, thus speeding up the fermentation process. This could be useful for sanitation and sewage management in the many places that do not have industrialized sanitation infrastructure, and in the agricultural sector.

Brittany stayed at UT to pursue her graduate studies and is currently entering her first year. She hopes to integrate what she has learned so far into a project that incorporates both grid modeling and food waste management, such as a decarbonization scenario and economic analysis for an industrial process such as the food supply chain.

In the future, Brittany hopes to pursue a research-oriented career geared towards energy policy, climate change mitigation, and decarbonization. She enjoys writing, playing tennis and doing yoga in her free time.

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