Heather Rose


Undergraduate Research Assistant


Heather Rose is a physics student and renewable energy researcher. She is currently in her third year of the Physics undergraduate program at the University of Texas at Austin. When she completes her second Bachelor’s degree, she plans to receive my Master’s degree in Engineering, specializing in renewable energy.

At the Webber Energy Group, Heather has built and manages the rooftop garden on the roof of the ETC building. Working with Dr. Charles Upshaw, Heather and Charles will collect rainwater data and optimization data for garden watering. Heather is also working with Dr. Upshaw in the SWEATlab to collect data on solar radiation, wind, and solar panel performance. Heather also works with graduate student Margaret Cook on outreach events.

Heather’s academic and research interests include renewable energy, sustainability and optimization. Heather is also a professional musician. She performs and has released several albums under her stage name Heather Scarlett Rose.

Contact Information
E: heatherscarlettrose@gmail.com