Media Projects

Today in Energy History

unnamed-1Today in Energy History is a project we created where we release daily tweets of various influential dates in history that we believe are important to the energy world. Through Twitter, we created a platform that consolidated these facts in a fun, convenient, way that served as a medium to learn about energy history. We wanted to find a way to contribute to the thriving energy community online on a regular basis.

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Resourcefulness App

Resourcefulness: An Introduction to the Energy-Water Nexus presents contemporary views of energy and water science in modular and flexible ways to meet the needs of 21st century teachers and students. Instructors can incorporate Resourcefulness as a resource in their environmental science classes. They can also integrate the learning content directly within their courses using project-based learning exercises and case studies contained within the teacher guide. Outside of traditional education, the lessons scale to short courses and brief breakouts focused on specific interactions between energy and water.

For more information, visit, the online destination for Resourcefulness.

Energy 101 Course App

Energy 101 collageEnergy 101, Dr. Webber’s groundbreaking Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) reached more than 44,000 students in over 170 countries in fall 2013 and is now available as the world’s first Course App through UT Press. The integrated text, animations, and graphics are based on the multidisciplinary energy content of the MOOC and Dr. Webber’s signature graduate level course Energy Technology & Policy. Anyone interested in improving his or her energy literacy can access the free energy calculators and videos and download and own his or her own copy of the course app.

For more information, visit, the online destination for Energy 101.

Power Trip: The Story of Energy


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.24.31 PMDr. Webber’s latest project is Power Trip: The Story of Energy in partnership with Emmy award-winning Alpheus Mediaa proposed documentary series in PBS/BBC style for national televised broadcast. Incorporating interviews with energy experts around the world, custom animations, fun facts, and pop culture references, the series will explore energy’s evolving role in society. Because transitions take decades and major innovations are rare, energy decisions made today will continue to affect people 100 years in the future. To ensure adequate power supply and mitigate climate change, we need the next generation of innovators now. As the host, Dr. Webber will share the critical tradeoffs of energy options and reasons to be optimistic about the future as a call to action for a new generation of innovators.

Math of Energy

The Math of Energy series teaches math concepts through real-world situations that are based in the energy industry or fundamental energy relations.  The series is targeted for high school students, but the concepts are valuable to viewers of all ages.  The videos educate viewers about the importance of mathematics in the everyday world, especially with relation to energy topics.

This series focuses on teaching mathematics through their relationship to energy topics.  Distributed to more than one million registered teachers through a partnership with PBS LearningMedia, the project extends the Webber Energy Group’s outreach to a K-12 audience. The Math of Energy consists of a series of video lessons hosted by WEG alum Dr. Colin Beal from a variety of exotic locations around the world.  More information and content is coming soon.

If you would like to watch these videos, visit PBS for the complete playlist.

Ask Dr. Webber 

Dr. Webber answers questions about energy from third graders in a straightforward and engaging style.These videos are useful for educational purposes.

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Energy at the Movies

Energy at the Movies TitlecardThis hour-long educational special illustrates how Hollywood has captured the history of energy through popular films. Movies frequently serve as
a snapshot of society, capturing sentiments of each time period. Many films have themes that memorialize collective optimism, fears, and observations about energy. An entertaining and engaging approach to STEM education, Energy at the Movies promises to expand audience understanding of the key issues surrounding energy and the environment. Energy at the Movies was nationally syndicated on PBS from 2013-2015 with broadcasts in 58 markets.